About Me

Heather and Me at the Knickerbocker
My wife Heather and me

Hi, I’m Mike Holzer.

I’m a programmer, bread baker, leathercrafter, community theatre participant, Renaissance Faire enthusiast  and gardener. I’m living in Altoona with my wife Heather, sons Ari & Ethan, and our two cats, Annabelle and Vonnegut.

I serve on my synagogue’s board of trustees and am my congregation’s ba’al t’kia on the High Holidays.  I also teach 6th 7th grade am also principal of my community’s joint Sunday school.

I’m a lover of wine, beer and select spirits. I’m always interested in trying new culinary experiments, so long as they don’t include pork, seafood, peaches or coconut.

These are the voyages of the starship Mike.