A special challah

Spinal column challah
Spinal column challah

This is a special challah made for a wedding of some friends of ours. They’re both chiropractors, hence the spine. Originally, I was going to do a head-on view of the spine, but Heather pointed out that if I added the pelvis, it would just end up looking phallic instead of spine-y. While this spine is seriously out of whack and clearly needs an adjustment, it does have the correct number of vertebrae.


2 thoughts on “A special challah

  1. As a biologist, I love that you made sure there was the correct number of vertebrae. As an invertebrate biologist, at first glance the bottom end reminded me of a scorpion tail. As an artist (and fan of good bread), I applaud your creativity. πŸ˜€

    1. Fixed your typo πŸ™‚ And thanks! My oven is too small and I couldn’t get the sacrum onto the spine in one piece…so it’s just kind of hanging out. I may take a skewer to it when I put it out for display πŸ™‚

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