A Mohn “Challah-taschen”!

Creative challah baking is always fun 🙂 Here’s my challah for my congregation’s Purim celebration tomorrow night.


For those not of the tribe, the Jewish Holiday we’re celebrating this week is called “Purim” which commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people of Persia by a crypto-jewish queen.  One of the most identifiable symbols of Purim (at least in America) is the traditional Purim cookie, hamantaschen (pronounced “hah-mon-tash-en”).

Hamantaschen made for Temple Beth Israel's Purim celebrations in 2011

The cookie is made with a lightly sweetened dough and is filled with fruit preserves or chocolate chips or really whatever you fancy.The “traditional” flavors are prune (lekvar), apricot, and poppyseed (mohn). Tonight’s challah has poppyseeds all over the middle round part which makes it resemble a mohn hamantaschen! See,  a play on words and on food! I’m terribly clever tonight 😉

Purim sameach!


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