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URJ Biennial

URJ BiennialI’m officially registered and am going to the 2011 URJ Biennial. What does that mean? It means I’ll be attending the largest gathering of Reform (progressive, whatever) Jews in the country. I’m going to network as well as to hopefully gain some knowledge that can help me become a more effective (even affective, nyo) member of my congregation.

I also get to see my friend Nicole who was our student rabbi for 2 years. That alone is almost enough for me to want to be there! But President Obama is one of the presenters as well as the outgoing and incoming URJ presidents. There are dozens of workshop sessions I’m going to during the course of the conference, some relating to my duties as webmaster at TBI, and some just for my own edification.

I plan on doing a bit of sightseeing while I’m in DC. I’d like to see the new MLK monument as well as check out the Lincon Memorial as I’ve never seen it before.

One other perk (to me, probably not to you) is that I’ll be able to go to morning services every morning. I’ve never been to a Reform weekday morning service before, so I’m really looking forward to checking it out. We’ll likely also be using the new Reform siddur which we’re not using yet at TBI. So yeah, I’m excited for the conference and to hobnob with other Jews from all around the country 🙂


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