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Challah-Thon 2011!

So, as a followup to my idea last year, I did end up taking mass orders for holiday challot again this year. I ended up making about 12 batches of dough, or about 30 lbs of flour.

In a week, I transformed this:

Lots of flour
Lots of flour

into this:

Holiday Challot!
Many, many, many challahs

It worked out into something like 19 loaves of varying sizes and toppings. I even convinced Heather to learn how to make/braid challah during my marathon baking schedule 🙂

I received nothing but rave reviews from everyone who had some! Barring a crazy schedule again next fall, I believe I’ll do this again, albeit with adjusted prices. I severely under-priced my labor cost this time around so I’ll be sure to account for it next time.

Challahs fresh from the oven!
Medium-sized raisin challahs fresh from the oven!

2 thoughts on “Challah-Thon 2011!

    1. The smallest I make is slightly larger than a 1 lb loaf. I’m not sure how well it would ship, honestly. I have a feeling it would get held up in customs and get stale 😦

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