It’s GO Time!

In the next 3 (including today) days, I have much to do! I only have until Wednesday night because Thursday after work Dad and I are off to Bethlehem for our third appearance at the Celtic Classic. That show is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As soon as I get back on Sunday, I have to start getting ready for Rosh Hashanah. And next Saturday is Bridge Bust in Columbia, PA. Then the Saturday after that is Yom Kippur! (Hartslog is also that Saturday, but Dad is going to do it with a friend of his).

So anyway, things to do between today and Thursday morning:

  • Bake several dozen challot Only 2 to go!
  • Finish the 7 masks I’ve been working on
  • Get my lesson plan for next Sunday together for my sub

Let me tell you, I am looking forward to November for the simple reason of have nothing planned during the month. I think it’ll take me until February to recover from the last 2 months and October. Perhaps I should take on less stuff to do. Yeah, that might be a good idea 🙂

In other news, my kid is adorable 🙂

Ari B "Who"
Ari at Lisa and Jon's Baby Shower

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