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Exciting News Revealed…

So, I’m ready to reveal my secret news: I’m going to be on TV! 

I’ll be demonstrating how I make my leather masks on a new local show called “Central PA Live” on WTAJ. (Facebook Page) It will air next Wednesday, September 14th at 4PM. They haven’t told me yet in which part of the hour my segment will be. I’ll be showing the basics of making a mask using my harlequin style pattern. There will be a bit of a show & tell with some of my other masks as well. If you aren’t able to catch the live showing, they’re supposed to be posting the individual segments on their website afterwards.

I’m totally psyched about this! Woo!

So here are a few variations I’ve done with my harlequin pattern:

Glow-in-the-Dark Harlequin by Mike Holzer
Twisted Harlequin
Blue Harlequin

Hope you can tune in and watch me become a local celebrity. Hah 😉


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