An Observation

I’ve noticed in the last day or so that I’m getting satisfied with what I’m eating sooner. Before I began this experiment, I could eat and eat and go back for seconds or thirds before I reached my limit. My limit (point of satisfaction) was feeling absolutely stuffed. Now I’m eating a serving or less of my meal and being satisfied.

We went out to the Knickerbocker for my birthday last night. I had a veggie burger with a salad, a Weyerbacher Blanche, a pitiful mint julep, and a slice of vegan chocolate cake. I was bursting at the seams after the cake. In comparison, a normal meal used to include an appetizer or two, and soup, and maybe fries or onion rings. And then cake.  And then I still could probably go for another snack a bit later.

If nothing else, this diet change is helping me retrain my body to eat smaller portions and to reduce my taste for heavily fatty food 🙂


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