Time is FLYING

I think I forgot I have a blog. I haven’t written in nearly 2 months.

Bad blogger, bad!

So I’ve been at my new job for about a month now. I like it for the most part. It’s a lot slower of a pace than I’m used to. Not necessarily a bad thing.  I’m working on a few different concurrent projects. My main focus at the moment is working on a informational website for Fayette Energy Partnership. Fayette county was awarded a sizable grant to help residents winterize and upgrade their homes to be more energy efficient.  The website is mostly for information for residents interested in applying for a piece of the grant.

I’m also working on a website to help train college professors how to teach  solar and energy efficiency classes.  Pretty interesting topic 🙂

Besides my real job, I recently launched TempleBethIsrael.net.  The feedback so far has been fantastic. I really do love working with the WordPress templating system. At work I’m dealing mostly with Drupal and although it’s powerful, it’s a bitch to work with.  I really hope the website helps get TBI’s information out there. There really is a dearth of information about Altoona’s Jewish communities on the internet.

I’ve been off all this week because PSU shuts down over the winter break. I’ve mostly been cleaning the house and catching up on my reading.  I baked my first challot today since Ari’s naming. Ari is 5 months now, by the way. He has a sweet personality. He really likes everyone right now 🙂

I also rearranged the living room a couple days ago. We’re hosting the New Year’s Eve Shabbat at our house and there just wasn’t enough room. I moved things around so that we can set up extra chairs in a couple places. I think we’ll be able to fit about 25- 30 people in our living room now. Re-donkulous.

Let’s see, what else is going on?

Best friend got married in the beginning of the month…
Almost the entire family is visiting this week…
Heather’s brakes need massive work…

I suppose that’s about it. Maybe next time I have a chance to write I’ll try to organize my thoughts a bit better. And maybe in less than 2 months ^_^


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