All You Have is Your Health Part Deux

So, after the first surgery, my mom went back for her followup appointment. It turns out they missed some cancer the first time and she’d have to have a second surgery to remove the rest.  She went under the knife last Friday for hopefully the last time.  I did get to go sit with her and dad for a little while in the pre-op room. It was good to spend some time just being with the two of them. I know mom is strong enough for her and dad, but I’m not sure if I’m strong enough for me, let alone the two of them.

The surgery apparently went well and mom’s recovering just as well as she did from the first surgery. This time dad was around to help out afterward. Dad and I were at Celtic Classic in Bethlehem during her recovery period last time. My aunt Judi came in to help take care of her.

Also on Friday, I had to take grandma to the doctors for treatment for gout in her right hand. It had swollen to something like twice it’s normal size. It was disturbing.

Heather met with a surgeon today to discuss her gallbladder (which she consistently and hilariously [to me anyway] misspells gullbladder) possibly being removed. They talked about the pros and cons, and finally Heather decided that enough is enough and that she wants to have it removed. She’s tentatively scheduled to have it removed in a couple weeks on a Thursday. G-d willing, after it’s taken out, she won’t have so many miserable intestinal issues.

And to top everything off, my father-in-law has the shingles. Oy vey.

Ari and I are still pinnacles of health and vigor, so we’ll try and keep setting examples for the rest of the family!

A refuah shlemah to my whole family!


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