All You Have is Your Health

And sometimes, not even that. Heather has been fighting some unknown malady for about a week now. We think it as something to do with her gallbladder as the pain is similar to pains she had when she still worked at AccuWeather. We had chalked it up to the stress of working there (a really horrible working environment, but that’s another post) and possibly hormones.

We’re guessing it could be related to her body recovering from pregnancy and sending itself into overdrive. She is also very stressed about work, about Ari, and about me losing my job, so stress could be a huge factor too.  She’s had two tests done in the last three days, and it turns out they lost the data from the last test in a computer crash so she has to have the test redone next week. Augh!

I’ve been fighting off some sort of cold or something the last week as well. Historically, I have a very strong immune system so a few days of self-medication and I’ll be right as rain. Thus far, history seems to be repeating itself.  My throat feels almost 100% and I’m not quite as lethargic as I have been.

In worse-er news, my mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has kind of known for a while but had the confirmation only recently. She has intraductal carcinoma in her left breast. Apparently this is the best kind of cancer to have in these circumstances because it’s 98% curable. She’s having outpatient surgery next Wednesday to have the tumor removed.  The doctors estimate that she’ll need to have 30 rounds of radiation therapy (not chemo) before they will giver her a clean bill of health.  The other option was a mastectomy and no radiation, but mom shot that idea down pretty quickly.

Not to make light of the situation, but now I have a really personal reason to be walking in the Breast Cancer Awareness walk I had signed up for. I had originally signed up because I felt it was important to help raise money for the cause, and because I know I need the exercise.  Now, I’ll be out there walking and raising money to not help my mom directly, but to help someone else’s mom.

So now whenever we say the Misheberach during services, I’ll be thinking of her, even if no one else knows.


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