My Essay was Accepted!

For consideration, that is. A few weeks ago, I had submitted an essay to Reform Judaism magazine about how the shofar has affected my life. I’m not going to share the entire essay with you until after publication, but I’ve written bits and pieces of it in previous blogs if you wanted to get the gist. Anyway, I received an email today from the managing editor, and they are very interested in publishing my essay! They’re looking to publish it for next fall which will come out right around Rosh Hashanah.  She said that they will be getting back to me in March or April when they begin the editorial process for the Fall issue.

I’ll totally psyched about this. I’ve never been published in anything but a school publication before. I never thought about a nationally circulated periodical! Maybe once this goes to print, I’ll start thinking about writing more. The reason I write this blog is to get off my chest my thoughts and ideas that I’d never normally bother to tell anyone. Why not try to make a small living from doing so? I honestly don’t think I have to say is particularly important, but occasionally I have something useful to say about certain subjects.

Perhaps I could do a few leather working articles too. The journalistic expectations aren’t particularly high there, based on previous articles, so I should have an easy time of it ;D


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