Added another one…

Yesterday morning, I was preparing for my very first time teaching Hebrew Sunday school. My lesson (only a half session since it was the first day) was on the history of the shofar and how it’s used during the High Holidays. I was pulling some shofarot from the display case in the hallway when one of the confirmation students came up to me and asked if I had seen a whiteboard. The rabbi was looking for it for her hebrew lessons that morning.

The new shofar I have acquired

I finished pulling out the shofarot I needed and went on the search for the missing whiteboard. During the search, I came across a box of Judaica in the coatroom/storage closet. Inside was a smallish-shofar. Needing an extra (easy to play) shofar for my lesson, I asked the rabbi if she knew anything about it.

It turns out when the new rabbi had cleaned out her study, she put anything she didn’t want to keep in a box. That box made it’s way to the closet. She said anything in it was fair game. So, I decided to give the shofar a new home!  It’s about 14.25″ long and has a very solid “shofarish” sound to it.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the entire collection as of this afternoon!

My current shofar collection

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