Oy Vey

So remember how last week I was kvetching about how much work I had made for myself? Well, today we found out at work that the company I work for is having some difficulties and  had to make some cutbacks. Luckily, I was not laid off, but did get put into a two-week rotating furlough with another developer. This will seriously put a crunch into our life.  I’m fortunate in that between my side jobs and unemployment, we only fall a little short each month which could be covered and then some if I took a part time job.  Yech.

I feel bad for the five people at work who were laid off. I really hope that the situation improves ASAP.

Anyway, in 2 weeks I’ll have plenty of time to work on those side projects which may actually be a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t really have the concentrated time investment I need in working on these projects without the furlough. Of course, it’ll be my luck that I’ll plan to work on my projects during my furloughs and the company will be hiring everyone back by the time I go to take my first one.


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