New Shofar

A Springbok Shofar

I picked up a springbok shofar on Ebay a few weeks ago and it finally came. Pretty neat, nu? This shofar is a hair under 10″ long around the outside curve. It has a really high-pitched sound, yet is surprisingly quiet. I honestly expected it to be a lot louder than it actually is.  The only con of the horn is that I can only comfortably sound 2 notes with it, which I can easily do 3 or 4 with each of the other horns.

I probably wouldn’t use it for either of the High Holidays if given a choice, but it’s certainly a great addition to my collection. Once my brother moves out and I can reclaim his room as my office, I’d like to work up some kind of neat-o display for my collection (now totaling 5…ooooo).  If you are curious, the springbok is an African gazelle which is considered by the IUCN to be of least concerned status.


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