Busyness Business!

As you may know, I’m a web programmer by day. My specialties are in the LAMP stack – that’s Linux as the hosting server, Apache as the web server, MySql as the database and PHP as the programming language to tie it all together.  I also do limited freelance work on the side, mostly small projects for family and friends. Typically, I knock these out in a week or so.

I’ve been pursuing a particular client for almost a year, and after rounds of back and forth, I finally have a signed contract to do the job. Huzzah! Unlike the other freelance projects I’ve done, this one will take me  about a month to do.

Just in the knick of time to begin working on this, I’ve agreed to help a friend start his company by assisting him in writing the core product.  Neither has a firm deadline, other than me wanting to output at a certain rate.  On top of everything else I do – baking, gardening, leatherwork, taking care of my family, not to mention my day job –  I am now working on two coding projects!

I always felt I worked best under pressure, and I think the pressure is starting to build 🙂 The freelance project will hopefully be completed by December, and there is a soft launch date of October 2011 for my friend’s project. I’m sure any head-exploding madness will manifest itself here, so stay tuned for “Mike’s Overtaxed Life”!


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