Things I’d like to do

I’m a fairly craft-oriented guy, and I have a lot of hobbies such as leather crafting, baking, gardening, singing, etc. However, there is always a list of stuff I never get around to doing or am able to do. Here’s the current crafting (short) wishlist!

I have a pile of old t-shirts that would make for a technicolor dream rug: DIY flokati Rug. I think this would be pretty awesome either in the living room or maybe our bedroom. Or maybe a gift. Do rugs make good housewarming gifts?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to decorate the house with wine bottle tiki torches? This would kick ass during Halloween or during summer cookouts.

I could make my very own wax seal for all those confidential letters I send! Well, maybe not, but this falls under “creative christmas gifts”. I mean, who has a custom-made wax seal to call their own?

I’d also like to decorate our room someday. Right now, it’s a pretty bland white box with a little bit of art here and there. Not very relaxing or comfy. I think it would be awesome to decoupage the ceiling with nature images, or maybe paisleys or something of the such.

Also, I want to put up a sukkah for Sukkot this year, but I’m not sure the best way to go about doing it…


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