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Happy Anniversary!

My parents, Sue and Russ

Today is my parents’ 30 wedding anniversary. That’s a pretty big milestone (the pearl anniversary, so I’m told).  As an aside, they almost didn’t get married because my dad’s grandmother didn’t like my mom because she was Jewish. They told me that he almost didn’t come to the wedding because of the flak he was getting.

Apparently, once I was born, grusmum lightened up and decided she liked mom. So that’s good. My dad’s mom never seemed to care one way or another.

On a similar note, it is almost Heather’s parents’ 15th anniversary. At the naming this coming Friday the Rabbi is going to give my parents a blessing and possibly Heather’s parents too, which will be very cool if they want to do it.

I’m glad Heather’s family accepts the fact that we’re a Jewish family.  Neither of us were really sure how they’d handle us once we had kids and *gasp* didn’t have them baptized.  We’re both pleasantly surprised at how they’ve supported us in all of our dealings the past 2 years.

Intermarriage is a touchy subject and really needs to be addressed during while dating. It’s folly to wait until you’re already engaged to discuss the topic.  We’re both really glad we discussed it early on in our relationship. It truly set the tone for how things would eventually work out.


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