Tonight I canned two quarts and a pint of pickled hot peppers from my dad’s garden. Had I had pint jars, I’d have used those but all I had left were quarts. I managed to not get the pepper juices into my eyes, but did get it on my nose and tongue (ouch). There are 4 different types in the mix: green bell peppers, peter peppers, banana peppers and what appears to be cayenne peppers. Should be an interesting taste sensation once the pickling is completed.

So far this year, besides the peppers (of which I’m only keeping a pint) I’ve managed to can three quarts of pickles and about 16 pints of tomatoes.

Our current canned inventory. Hopefully to grow.

It’ll certainly be nice come winter to crack into some produce from the gardens! We also have several pounds of shredded zucchini and yellow squash in the freeze chest.

Ideally we’ll have enough put away to help out with veggie costs this winter. Hopefully we’ll be able to use some of the frozen squash as a supplement for when Ari starts eating solid foods.


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