New Shirts

I finally broke down and let Heather take me to buy some new dress shirts. The majority of the shirts I wear to work at at least 4 years old. They’re all stained in a couple of places and/or frayed around the cuffs. The last straw was accidentally washing/drying 3 dress shirts with a stick of chap stick that got tossed into the washer by accident. The shirts looked like I was working the fryers at a restaurant and didn’t bother to wear an apron.

We found a really good deal at JC Penny last night on “Concepts by Claiborne” shirts. According to the gent in the suit section, Claiborne is re-branding their mens line back to just “Claiborne” so they have to get rid of whatever they have.  So I took advantage and bought 3 Claiborne “sports shirts” at 60% off, 2 shirts from J. Ferrar which were 50% off, and 2 Van Heusen dress shirts which were 60% off.  All in all, I spent about $100 and “saved” almost $190.  So now I’m the most stylish programmer in the cube farm!


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