Yesterday was a Challah-day

I took yesterday off from work so I could take care of Ari while Heather went to an HR conference in State College. We had a pretty good day. Me, being my multi-talented (aka easily bored) self, decided it would be easy to catch up on my challah baking since all I had to do was watch a baby.

After Ari’s early morning feeding, I started the first batch at 6am. First problem: Kitchen needed to be cleaned up. So I spent a half hour cleaning the kitchen. After I got the kitchen to a workable condition I started pulling all the ingredients out. Second problem: I only had enough oil to make one batch of challah. Since it’s not channukah, I couldn’t expect the oil to miraculously last for 8 challahs, so I called dad and explained that I was trying to bake challah and that I was out of oil, and asked if could bring me some. He agreed to bring some oil down after his doctors appointment. Fair enough.

I used the rest of the oil I had and made my batch of dough and left it to rise. I now had about an hour to kill, so I decided to make a batch of banana bread since I had some ripe (read nearly black) bananas sitting on the counter. Other than the fact that it didn’t rise at all, it turned out well.

The challah for Ari's baby naming

Once the first rise was over I did my normal 6-strand braid (this one is for Ari’s naming next week). I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. This is the best braiding I’ve done πŸ™‚
When the challah was all done, I still had no oil so I cleaned up my mess from the banana bread and the challah.

I then decided to run to the bank and deposit a check. Ari came along and was a pretty good boy. The bank ladies oo and ahed over him and he gave them “the eye”. Right after we got back from the bank, my dad stopped by to drop off the oil.Β  Third problem: He brought me a container with less than a 1/4 cup of oil left. >_<

I told him, thanks, but no thanks since I couldn’t do anything with it. He said he’d run out and get me a new bottle. A little while later he came back and all was well once again.

The second challah I made I added honey to make it extra sweet. I also used a new braiding technique to make a braided round loaf. Easiest technique ever. Maybe I’ll post it here sometime πŸ™‚

So, while I didn’t get to bake as much as I had wanted to yesterday, I at least made enough for Rosh Hashannah and Ari’s naming. Maybe some evening next week I’ll get time to make some shabbat loaves.


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