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Stop…Leather Time!

So in the most last-minute way possible, I whipped together three masks I have no hope of selling tomorrow.

Jester, Bacchus-Green man, Redbeard sitting on a pile of my crap.

The Bacchus-green man was the first mask I made in this round. Originally, I had wanted to make several of the Bacchus mask I made for Halloween last year, but I got really bored and decided to make more work for myself by adding extra grape leaves.

Then I made the jester mask. I had made jester masks several years ago when we were just starting out and I was never very happy with the pattern I came up with. This one is a lot easier to work with and as a bonus does not have nearly as many bits to cut out.  I decided to go with an oddly angled cut-line motif. I think it worked out in the end.

The last mask I made tonight was a semi-free form mask I’m calling “Redbeard” for somewhat obvious reasons. The beard was made by cutting strips from the mask and twisting them into shape.  I gave this mask an interesting splatter design on the face portion. If no one buys this mask, I’m totally wearing it for Halloween this year!

I have a few more hours to wait until the masks are dry enough to seal with acrylic sealant. Once I do that, I’ll put them in the garage with fans blowing on them all night to dry the sealant AQAP so they won’t stink for tomorrow at the show.


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